Public Liability

Freedom to be part of your community.

Like most organisations, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has Public Liability Insurance. If you are asked for proof of Public Liability please click the ‘Request a Public Liability Certificate’ button above or click here. A certificate will be emailed to you within 3 business days.

There are some activities that are considered high risk or unusual which may be excluded under public liability cover. Please contact us to find out if an activity you are planning is covered.

Call us for more information on 02 9847 3375.

Is your activity for ADRA?

If you are running an activity or event for ADRA please apply for authorisation via ADRA Australia’s website.

ADRA will then assist you in obtaining your proof of Public Liability cover certificate.

Hiring our buildings to other organisations

When Church-owned* buildings and facilities are hired or loaned to other organisations (hirer) the hirer must have adequate public liability insurance (minimum $5m). Hirers should be asked to provide an endorsement to their insurance policy naming the appropriate Church legal entity as a co-insured for the purposes of the hire/loan. This will protect the Church from vicarious liability for incidents arising out of the negligent acts of the hirer. This procedure is normal business practice and should not be regarded as unreasonable.

For clarity, it is not necessary to ask for proof of public liability insurance when hiring buildings to family groups or other official Seventh-day Adventist Church organisations. All other groups should be expected to have their own public liability cover.

* Church-Owned buildings and facilities include Seventh-day Adventist Church-owned schools, churches, halls, offices, campgrounds and other facilities owned by an SDA Church organisation.