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Notify RMS immediately of any loss or any event that might lead to a loss.

Once we know about the loss we can start to help you.

This is important as some insurance policies or covers have requirements to notify the insurer immediately, or a ‘limitation of time clause’ requiring notification within a certain time period.

A delay in reporting may result in your claim being declined; so don’t delay, report today!

Click here to submit an online Loss Notification.

If you are faced with a Property loss you can also read our Helpful Instructions for Property Losses. And remember, if in doubt, contact us for assistance.

Visit the Covers section of our website to find the right cover for your situation.

In July each year RMS issues a Property Certificate of Cover that shows the property covered at each site. This certificate includes details about covered buildings, contents, other site improvements, cash, portable equipment and mission vessels. An updated certificate is issued if any changes are made to the cover during the year. Of course you can contact us any time to request a copy of the property certificate/s for your church organisation.

Church organisations can request changes to their Property cover at any time by contacting RMS and clearly outlining the changes required. RMS will not make any changes to cover without express written instructions from the church organisation.

The time it takes to process a property loss is heavily dependent on the circumstances of the loss. Straightforward losses may be processed within one week once all the necessary paperwork is received. But losses that are unusual, complex or large will understandably take significantly longer.

Only if the equipment is covered by the Extra Risks Cover.

You can check which portable equipment is already covered by Extra Risks on your church organisation’s Property Certificate of Cover.

If you need to add equipment you can do that by completing the appropriate request form – but first take time to read the Extra Risks Factsheet to make sure you understand how the cover works and to choose the best cover option for your church organisation.

Our website has made it easier than ever for you to do this. All you need to do is click here to request a certificate. Providing the request is for an official church event (and not otherwise excluded under the cover) we will usually email a certificate to you within 1 to 2 business days (although some requests may take a little longer).

If you require Short-term Travel cover you can easily apply online. If you are unsure of what kind of cover you need or you need to check whether you already have cover, please contact us.

Yes it is. RMS was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the early 1970’s and it continues to be operated by the church today. To read more about who we are and our history, please click here.

RMS provides services solely to official Seventh-day Adventist Church organisations that are part of the South Pacific Division.

RMS works solely for official Seventh-day Adventist Church organisations that are part of the South Pacific Division. Our works is focused on administering the church’s insurance program and helping church organisations with safety and risk management.

If you would like to know about something that we haven’t covered, please contact us with your question. We’re ready to help.