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SAFETY TIPS 5 Jul 2021

All the best, Andrew.

Our esteemed colleague and friend, Andrew Mowbray, has left RMS to take on an exciting new adventure. Andrew served in RMS for 8 years as Senior Risk Officer, Risk Control and leaves RMS for an ‘escape to the country’ and an exciting new role with Allianz. Prior to joining

13 Jul 2020

How do we re-open churches?

RMS would like to acknowledge and uphold the leadership of the Adventist Church’s Local Conferences and Unions as they have transitioned the Adventist Church through COVID-19. Naturally, it is at this point in time that we once again look to our local leadership for how we get back to


9 Jul 2020

RMS Property Valuation Project

L-R: RMS Manager, Jonathan Hale; Assistant Manager, Hayley Tosen; and Senior Risk Officer, Andrew Mowbray. Over the next 5 years, RMS will embark on a major property valuation project in Australia and New Zealand. With the assistance and expertise of a professional valuation service, RMS will undertake a five-year


23 Jun 2020

Communicating return to operations

Has your organisation already put together a strategy for returning to operations and returning staff to the workplace? Have you communicated this yet?  Communicating your plan once is never enough. To be effective and ensure your message has been heard and understood, it may well be necessary to communicate


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