Construction Works

What is a Principal Controlled Insurance Program (PCIP)?

Principal Controlled Insurance is a relatively simple and cost-effective way for Principals to manage the insurable risks of their construction projects. This includes:

  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Capital Works
  • Property purchases

By taking control of the key project insurances, you obtain greater benefits to traditional methods of procuring insurances for projects

Principals and owners of construction projects often mistakenly assume the contract they have entered into with construction contractors and designers, will fully protect them against all of the risks of the project.

The reality is that regardless of the delivery or contract model utilised, many of the project risks will be
retained or shared by the Principal and as such, it is important that the Principal takes an active role in identifying and managing the various project risks.


• Access to a construction insurance specialist
• Ability to select insurers with adequate financial strength

• Protection against insurance failure due to contractor insolvency
• Knowledge that insurances are in place for the duration of the project
• Compliance with financier / government requirements

• Reduced premium costs
• Reduced administrative burden

• Bespoke policy coverage designed to protect the specific risks of a project
• Ability to procure additional insurance to protect revenue / profits

• Ability to manage or influence the claims process
• Claim funds can be paid to you and only utilised for the benefit of the project

Your insurance specialists
RMS works closely with our brokers and insurance experts to deliver a customised and cost-effective program for the Adventist Church.

Please reach out to your RMS team about any construction contract works already in progress or planned.