Where have we been?

RMS team members visited Fiji – a week in October and a week in November – to survey Adventist Church-owned sites.

Greer Jackson and Andrew Mowbray are pictured above with Josh and Pr Senitiki Waqa from Fiji Mission. Covering 96 sites, they travelled by 4WD, trucks, minivans, ferries, dinghies and “leg power,” starting each day around dawn and often finishing late at night under torchlight.

The purpose of these visits was to obtain insight into the Construction, the Occupancy or use of the building, what Protection systems they may have in place and any Exposures that exist, also known by the acronym COPE.  Information gathered included photographs of buildings, drawn up site plans and to catalog as much information about each site as possible for RMS records. The aim was to help the Fiji Mission determine the value of their sites and ensure adequate property cover for their Church buildings.

In countries like Fiji, where cyclones are regular annual events, it can be challenging to find affordable property cover, which is where RMS can assist. Adequate property cover can help to bolster a community’s resilience after a loss event, enabling Adventist sites to rebuild – often with better immunity – and ensure God’s work can continue.

An added benefit of trips like this one is the opportunity to meet the dedicated people of Fiji, understand their challenges and bear witness to their efforts and good work. “There was a real feeling of gratitude from them toward us just being there,” stated Andrew. “And their warm welcomes and generous hospitality were incredibly humbling.”

With plenty more sites still to be visited another trip is planned for 2020.

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Photo credit: Andrew Mowbray

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