The Best Defence

Ancient Chinese general, military strategist and author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, is often attributed to this quote, “Invincibility is a matter of defence, vulnerability is a matter of attack”.

Churches are commonly perceived as places of openness, refuge and safety in times of need. Lately, however, violence toward churches seems to be increasing. Is it because places of worship are vulnerable by nature – open, trusting, welcoming – that they are coming under attack? Perhaps in part, but the reasons for attack are likely more complex and confounding than we can understand. That said, increasing security awareness, procedures and preparedness at any church operated site or gathering may help to reduce vulnerability.

Just as we would advise you to protect property and people in case of fires or storms by being “prepared”, the same can be said for how we “target harden” our sites against violence and crime. Increasing security measures might not prevent an attack but it may help our people be ready for the possibility of an incident occurring and therefore react to a situation in a more timely manner, potentially saving lives.

RMS has prepared a one-page resource that outlines several ideas for making your church organisation less vulnerable in the event of an attack. You’re welcome to download or print this document and share it within your organisation.

If you’d like more specific help, please talk to us.