RMS Conducts Broker Review

Risk Management Service has commenced a thorough broker review process for the Adventist Church organisation’s extensive insurance portfolio.

Risk Management Service has engaged The Lion Partnership to guide us through a comprehensive tender of our insurance broking services sourced locally in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  This review is allowing the SDA Church group access to multiple, suitably qualified and experienced brokers to deliver a thorough examination of our entire SDA Church insurance program to ensure the end result is the most appropriate, cost-effective insurance solution available in today’s market.

Adventist Church entities have enjoyed many years of good rates (historically) and a productive 20+ year relationship with our current broker. However, RMS’ priority is to always serve and support mission and ministry in the best way possible.

From time to time, RMS has subsidised the cost of cover for Adventist organisations during ‘hard market’ conditions to help lessen the impact of cost increases on Adventist mission. RMS Manager, Jonathan Hale, explains that finding a responsive and innovative broker that can negotiate competitive insurance cover is important to RMS.

“We really don’t want to see the cost of insurance become a difficult burden for ministry,” empathises Hale. “RMS is determined to find solutions that are sustainable and that best serve the Adventist Church,” he said.

Adventist sites can do their part in keeping the cost of insurance down – including the overall cost of claims – by maintaining their sites, reducing hazards to prevent loss, and setting accurate replacement values for property and site improvements.

Risk Management Service exclusively serves the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Pacific, and we remain deeply committed to supporting Adventist ministry and mission with financial resilience should unexpected losses occur.