Don’t delay, report today!

Risk Management Service would like to encourage Adventist Church entities to report loss events as quickly as possible, rather than waiting weeks or, sometimes months.

Reporting a loss to RMS as soon as you’re able means you don’t have to go through the process alone which can be time consuming and complex. Tim Tew, RMS Loss Resolution Officer encourages early reporting of losses so that your Adventist entity isn’t hamstrung by delay. “Reaching out to RMS sooner rather than later means we can be more effective and of greater service,” states Tim. “We’re here to help you get back to business.”

While it may not be practicable to report a loss event on the very day it happens, we’ve noted that sometimes there’s very little delay in reporting these events to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While it is valuable to share newsworthy information to your audiences on social media, it is still worth exercising some caution so as not to reveal anything that might jeopardise a potential claim.

Remember, we’re Adventists just like you, and we are here to help your mission, not hinder it. Our goal is to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the Adventist Church mission well into the future. If you need any assistance with a loss event, please call us, we’re ready to help.

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