New Rules in the Game of Drones

The next generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) are smaller and lighter in weight, prompting changes in both law and insurance.

Previously, RMS was unable to offer any form of liability cover for drones causing damage or injury. Drones weighing under 2kg are now covered while being used for Church-related work. There are some important conditions you must be aware of:

  • Cover does NOT extend to breaches of privacy.
  • Cover does NOT extend to unlicensed operators.
  • Cover does NOT extend to liability where laws have been broken.

Ensure the next UAV flight for your church activity ticks all the boxes:

Stay under 2kg.  Heavier drones are not covered. 
Respect privacy. Check footage before using, obtain consents from those being filmed, advise that filming is taking place.
Get a license. Only allow licensed and experienced drone operators to use and operate Church-owned drones, or to film on behalf of the Church.
Fly within the law. Ensure that any drone flight is in accordance with local aviation law. (CASA in Australia and CAA in New Zealand)
Look after your UAV. Drones must be in a flight-worthy condition and well maintained.
Watch the weather. Only fly if the environment and weather conditions are safe for flight.
No fly zone. Don’t fly near airports, check local regulations for exclusion zones.

For the safety of people and property we encourage you to enjoy this new technology by playing by the rules. Remember, that even lightweight drones can still cause serious damage or injury so please be cautious and careful when employing this technology for any church activity.